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Over 300+ Animation Styles to Choose with Infinite Combinations

100% Mobile/Responsive, (Including ANY Mobile Device or Tablet)

Utilizes the latest technology in Javascript, html5 CSS3 technology...(no flash needed)


Fully Compatible with All Modern Browsers & IOS Compliant + (Legacy IE supported)

Can be Easily Edited & Styled JUST Like Normal Text in the Familiar WYSIWYG Editor

Instantly (test and edit) ANY (text) Color You Choose.. (via Advanced Color-Wheel)


Instantly (test and edit) ANY (highlight) Color You Choose...

Instantly (test and edit) ANY (font) size you choose...

Instantly (test and edit) ANY (font) type you choose...


Easily control with exact precision: animation speed, text speed stagger, delay (start) +...

Select custom (styles)from the 'included' list of HQ animations... with just 1 CLICK!

Preview any Typo creation (on demand) for super simple edits 'on the fly'...

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This powerful WP plugin is so simple to use a complete (rookie) can make visually stunning, creative web posts or pages in just 60 seconds or less,

and it REMAINS 100% customizable as well! You control the finished product... No two posts or pages need be the same on any of your sites anymore, now you can add your OWN UNIQUE Flair, and let your visitors stand up and TAKE NOTICE!

Before WP-Typo, if you wanted to do anything close to this, you would need to hire a very expensive programming genius! The price you would end up paying could be astronomical... after all editing CSS, and Long strings of Code in JQuery is not for the Faint of Heart!

We all know, IT IS NOT EASY AT ALL to make your site look like a Masterpiece...


It is SUPER EASY to mess things up trying just to eventually make your sites look like. ummm, how should we put this... "TOTAL CRAP*!"...

Do You Agree?

Beginning right now though, with just a few clicks of your mouse you can produce typography style entries on your site that you can be confident it will look very Professional. WP-Typo produces BEAUTIFUL deigns that will literally blow your mind!

This is something that even a 1st class web designer/webmaster would be proud of creating... No more do you need to spend hours staring at codes you cannot even understand...

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WP-Typo Makes it Easy to:

  • Instantly define text colors and specify custom short-code call-outs with EASE...
  • Set font sizes with a just one simple click of the mouse!
  • Visually get a (LIVE PREVIEW) for any and all designs you create... this is a fantastic convenience and allows for maximum effectiveness!
  • Create and Use Unlimited New Typography Styles! NO LIMITS!
  • Integrate as many combinations as you like in your designs.. It is drop dead simple!
  • Transforms YOUR Current Boring WP sites into Modern, Completely Mobile Ready, Word Press WONDERS... RIGHT NOW!
  • Save YOUR created short-codes with ease; for ANY of your future uses...


Producing & integrating stunning visual masterpieces into your word press site is now as simple as defining your custom usage options in the advanced user friendly UI (admin and preview area). Imagine having unreal, attention grabbing Typography Type Text at YOUR fingertips...

Save MASSIVE Cash on Pro Design Costs...
Draw More Viral Attention & Traffic
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WP-Typo Does All the Heavy Lifting FOR YOU,

Watch this Quick Demo Video of the Plugin


WP-Typo's New, Ground Breaking Technologies Forces The Future of Word Press To Be A REALITY...


You read that right... With WP-Typo YOU now can magically animate any letters OR words in ANY of your posts of pages on your word press sites. You adjust the speed and stagger of your new stand out text and if you choose to, you can even integrate incredible text rotations on demand!

This incredible, magical little plugin makes that and so much more POSSIBLE the very moment it is installed!

No long learning curve needed... WP-Typo does all the hard work FOR YOU so it is as easy as it gets to use.

On top of that, EVERYTHING WP-Typo produces IS 100% (ready to view) on virtually any Mobile Phone OR Tablet Device... making WP-Typo fully responsive for virtually everything being used on the Web today ...

WP-Typo also Includes a Fully Stocked (library) of Stylish, 'Ready-to-Use' Animations that Can be Activated with Only a Simple Click of the Mouse!

Once Regarded "IMPOSSIBLE With Word Press"...
Advanced Style Typography Type Text Right Within WP IS Finally Possible...
With WP-Typo!

Unbelievable Flexibility

WP-Typo lets you animate letters or words, control speed and stagger, create animations sequences , adjust font size and colors... the list goes on and on and so on.

Total Compatibility

WP-Typo works in all the latest browsers... JUST LIKE MAGIC! Fully compatible with all modern browsers & IOS Compliant + (Legacy IE supported)


100% Mobile & Tablet Device (Responsive Ready)

(The coded text is split into words & letters using position: ~relativity & display values within an:inline-block) IN OTHER WORDS... WP-TYPO IS MOBILE FRIENDLY!

Completely SEO Optimized 'FOR YOU'!

You don’t have to alter your html structure at all... The AMAZING WP-Typo plugin can 'animate' basically every seo tag on your site containing text of all 'kinds'.

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